DIY: Embroidered cushions - kirjotut tyynyt 1/12

Embroidered cushions for dollshouse 1:12

Materials needed:

Thin fabric
Small needle
Thin cardboard
Sewing thread
Cotton wool
Embroidery thread (different colors)

Start by cutting a pattern for cushions from thin cardboard. The measures are 4,5 x 4,5 cm (incl. 5mm sewing spare). Use pattern to draw it´s outline into fabric. Cut the pieces from fabric.

2. Put two pieces of fabric, right sides together. Sew three sides together. Leave one side open and fill the cushion with cotton wool.

3. Sew and close the last side of cushion. Press carefully if necessary to form an even shape.

4. Embroidering is a nice way to achieve a personal touch to your cushions. I like to embroider small cushions at the time they are otherwise prepared and filled. That´s how I can control exactly the right position on every stitch, where I want a single stitch to be in a ready cushion. Choice a color of embroidery thread and insert the needle into cushion. Push the needle out of the center of the cushion. Leave the end of the thread inside the filling.

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