DIY: Eggshell mosaic tray - munankuorimosaiikki 1/12

Eggshell mosaic tray 1/12

Materials required:

3 mm thick balsa
1 mm thick balsa
eggshells from raw eggs
PVA glue
clear varnish
white acrylic paint

Tools required:

craft knife

1. Cut the pieces from balsa:
base 2,5 x 5 cm (one piece) from 3 mm thick balsa
sides 0,5 x 5 cm (two pieces) from 1 mm thick balsa
handles 0,8 x  2,7 cm (two pieces) from 3 mm thick balsa

Soak eggshells in water and remove the membrane from the inside. Allow the eggshells dry completely on a towel before use.

2. Paint the wooden parts with white acrylic paint and draw a flower to the base. Add PVA glue to the base, leave the figure without glue.

3. Place a pieces of eggshell onto the glue, press them down with fingers to break into pieces. Continue to fill the base. Let the glue dry.

4. Turn the work against the table and trim excess eggshells with craft knife.

5. Make the flower: add a thin layer of PVA glue onto the inside of the eggshells and let dry. Draw the flowers outlines onto the shells and cut the excess off with scissors.

6. Color the flower using blue and light yellow markers and finally add a coat of clear varnish to the surface. Glue the wooden sides and handles in place.


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