DIY: Metal wire basket - metallikori 1/12

Tiny metal wire basket for dollshouse

You will need:
0,75 mm thick metal wire
0,3 mm thick metal wire
cutting pliers
flat pliers
a small piece of styrox

Step 1:
Cut three pieces from 0,75 mm thick metal wire. One piece is 7 cm long.

Step 2:
Form the wire in shape with pliers. Sides are 2,7 cm long and the middle is 1,6 cm long.

Step 3 and 4:
Make tiny legs for basket. Bend all the edges with flat pliers. Then form the pieces of wire into a round shape. Try to make all three pieces the same way.

Step 5 and 6:
Take the flat pliers and one formed wirepiece. Bend tiny u-form in the middle of the wire, beween the legs. Take another wirepiece and form another "u", but now upside down.

Step 7:
Push all three pieces into a styrox to form the base of basket. Styrox keeps pieces together and it is easier to tight them together. Put first into the styrox the piece that has the "u" -form up, then the straight one in the middle and finally the one, that has "u" -formed down.

Step 8:
Tight all the pieces together with thin wire.

Step 9:
Take 25 cm long piece of 0,75 mm wire and form a round shape on another end of it to form the beginning of the basket.

Step 10:
Then cut six, 15 cm long pieces from the 0,3 mm wire. Bend and attach a one thin wire to each leg of the basket. Now start veawing: 

Step 11 and 12.
Continue to veawe the basket. When you have reached the desired size, cut the exess wire and bend it down to lock the veawing in place.


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