DIY: Bathroom set 1/12

Tiny cotton sticks 1/12

Materials required:
white plastic-coated wire, diameter 1 mm.
cotton wool

Tools required:
cutting pliers

1. Cut wire in 10 mm long pieces.

2. Form super tiny (app. 2 mm diameter) rolls from cotton and glue the cotton rolls first in one end of the wire, let the glue dry.

3. Glue the cotton rolls in the other end and let the glue dry.

Top tip: When the glue has dried, form the cotton rolls, and try to make them in ball shape.
Tiny cotton balls 1/12

Materials required:
cotton wool

1. Pull tiny strip from the cotton.

2. Wrap the cotton into a ball.

3. The diameter of miniature cotton balls is app. 3 mm.


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