DIY: Make a luggage bag dollhouse miniatures 1:12


a match box or similar cardboard box

silk paper (blue)

thin brown craft paper

masking tape

two small beads


craft knife

paper glue

1. Close the box and tape all around it with masking tape. Apply tape several layers to achieve a stiff base to make a tiny luggage bag.

2. Cut the short sides and one long side open with craft knife.

3. Neat and finish the cut edges with masking tape.

4. Cover the inside of the bag with silk paper.

5. Glue brown craft paper on the outside of the bag. Cover the outside completely. Let the glue dry

6. Cut a 5 mm x 30 mm piece from brown craft paper. Form it as a handle and glue the stripe on the top of the bag. Glue also two beads on top as a lock.

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