DIY: Wooden bead doll - puuhelminukke 1/12

Tiny dollshouse doll 1/12

1. You will need: Small round and oval wooden bead (head and body), 8 small beads, three 6 cm pieces of thin metal wire, pliers, ruler, paintbrush, acrylic paints: red, black and brown

2. Push all three metalwires through the oval bead (body) and turn two wires downward (hands)

3. Push a small round bead through the remaining metalwire, this will be the head. Cut the remaining wire shorter above the head and underside of the body and make a small loop on both ends with pliers.

4. thread two small beads on each limb and make a small loop on every end with pliers

5. Paint details (lips, red cheeks) onto the doll's face using red acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush

6. Paint the hair with brown acrylic paint and eyes with black paint. Paint small buttons to the body.

7. Make a finishing touch by attaching a small bow, made of metal wire, onto the loop, above the head



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